1. Mike
    Student on CPD course I really enjoyed the course - it was taught in a fun way. More importantly, I now have three pages of pointer tips and ideas for how to enhance my teaching - all from notes made during the session, so I really feel I've got value for money.
  2. Bena Armitage
    Individual mentoring I feel Helen truly engages in my writing process, makes suggestions and ways of strengthening it, as well as helping me to become a more confident writer. She is also helping me to increase my range of writing skills, broaden my horizon and sharpen my writing ambitions... With Helen's support, the journey is becoming a thoroughly enjoyable one and I highly recommend her to anyone in search of a writing mentor and seeking to raise their work to a new level.
  3. Declan
    Student on AET course I thought it was a really good course. I loved the teaching style and pace. The tutors were warm, friendly and knowledgeable.
  4. Ruth Mason
    Rotherfield Cafe Writer Engaging, adventurous and entertaining workshops. Great teacher who guides, supports and encourages creative growth, combined with coffee and cake makes a brilliant morning
  5. Cathie
    Rotherfield Cafe Writer A really enjoyable experience, writing, learning and creativity, in an attractive environment.
  6. Sophie Lloyd
    Private English Tuition. Thank you so much for helping me with my English. I can't believe I got an "A"!
  7. Jessica
    Student on AET Course The slant of creative writing, very practical, examples given and passionate/inspired teaching. Clear, fantastic teaching and support at every stage, great variety. Can't praise the two teachers enough!
  8. Jackie Marchant
    Student on AET Course Course has been extremely helpful. A lot was packed into it, making it extremely good value
  9. Steve
    Writing for Well-Being Workshop I felt invigorated by the session. Lots of time to write, many ways to inspire writing and a safe and encouraging atmosphere. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.
  10. Jessica
    Writing for Well-Being workshop I really enjoyed the day. It was excellently structured and paced, allowing a lot of space and freedom to write and explore, but within well-defined boundaries. It was great fun but also provided some profound moments of insight. Thank you Helen. I'll definitely be coming back for another workshop.